Cash Register in good condition

2 bed/2 bath: May 19th - July 19th

2 Bed 2 Bath apartment looking for a male roommate for the months of August to May. Single semester can be negotiated

$15 3XL Riff Ram t-shirt

Funky Town Fort Worth t-shirt

$15 M TCU baseball t-shirt

Pet/House Sitter Available

$4 each - Homemade Pot Holders

non-adjustable youth TCU hat

$4 TCU beanie hat youth size

$4 green youth size skull beanie

Ladies' plus size 30 Tall

$7 tie-dyed t-shirt (size L)

$10 L blue Fortnite t-shirt

$10 L turquoise/aqua Champion brand TCU t-shirt

$10 black M Star Wars t-shirt

Only 2 years old from Costco - Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer set. Only ran max 50 times.

TCU Nike hat $15

Fully furnished apt available for lease

Baubax Travel Jacket with many pockets