April 25 - 6:00pm Extended Education Course, Center for Texas Studies at TCU

The event aims to cultivate a supportive community, promote financial literacy, and provide practical strategies for success.

A wonderful recital of new works that were written for 2 clarinets and piano performing March 2nd at 4 pm.

If you are a GRADUATE STUDENT, please take the anonymous survey about gradudate student well-being from the department of psychology.

TCU Student Success is awarding three $2,000 scholarships to rising seniors. Applications are due by 11:59pm on Monday, February 26th!

March 2 - 10:30am Center for Texas Studies at TCU & Fort Worth Public Library Presentation

Important Dates & Deadlines for Current TCU Students Applying to the Honors College for Fall 2024

Participants will consider the causes, experiences, and long-lasting consequences of the Korean War; a war that has yet to officially end.